Voice your opinion on a wide variety of interesting topics ranging from new products to politics and social issues.   


SurveyCentric is all about looking at things differently, being off-beat and at the cutting edge. So make your opinion count in fresh, new and exciting areas.
You will also accumulate cash rewards/prizes each time you complete a survey.

How is this panel different?

1. There is no charge for joining.
2. You accumulate cash rewards or prizes for each survey completed (the cash amount is indicated at the start of each survey in Rands (ZAR) unlike many  panels that use 'points' of unknown value; and/or a prize is specified).
3. We do not pay via PayPal (unlike many panels operating in South Africa). This is because South African's cannot withdraw from PayPal without a suitable account (only certain FNB accounts permit this, the other banks do not allow this directly). Payment is made via cellphone to ATM biannually - read more.
4. You can reduce the frequency of survey invitations according to your preference (once you have registered, go to "my personal information" - scroll to the last question).
5. Participation in surveys is 100% voluntary and it does not cost anything. You can always choose not to participate in individual surveys.

Please click on the register button to join the panel. Please note: You must be 15 years of age or older, and be resident in South Africa in order to join.


Once you have accumulated R100 or more, login and indicate you wish to be included on the next payment batch by clicking on redeem. Payments are made using the Standard Bank Instant Money system. You do not need a bank account. This means that we only require your name & cell phone number and email in order to effect payment. At the time of payment you will receive an SMS from the bank and an email which provide the codes which you can enter at any Standard Bank ATM without a card being necessary - this allows you to draw cash. Payments are processed in batches biannually. For more information see the rewards page.


Any information you provide during surveys and in your personal profile will only be used for research purposes (you will not receive marketing or sales messages). All information you send is treated as confidential. All external entities that may assist Acentric Marketing Research from time to time in delivering this service are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement or similar document. 

Please refer to the terms and conditions for further details.