Q. How do I provide my name and cell number for reward processing?

A. As with the other profile details, you need to login to the website. To locate the relevant fields, please click on the right arrow.

Q. I am not receiving emails.

A. Please follow these steps to ensure emails are delivered.

Q. I can't login?

A. Please check the following:

- If you copy paste, make sure you did not accidentally include a space at the end. A space is seen as a character by the system.
- Check that you did not use the wrong case - the system is case sensitive.
- As a last resort, click "forgot login details...". If given the options, select the panel. Then provide the email address you registered with.

Q. Where can I insert / update my name and contact details for payment processing?

A. Login. Click profile tab. Look on the right for an arrow pointing right. Click on that.

Q. Do I have to pay bank fees for the money I receive?

A. No, we pay the fee which at the time of writing, was equal to 8% of the transaction size.

Q. Why did the survey take less/more time than indicated?

A. Time estimates vary, but the usual assumption is 3 questions per minute. However, actual times vary due to device differences (smartphones are slower), internet speed, individual differences and question differences. Also remember 'screening questions' (e.g. demographics and product usage) are used to decide if you fit the target profile for a survey at the start, and these are not included. Please address all concerns regarding deviations in relation to a specific survey's length to: membersupport@cint.com

Q. Why am I asked the same questions over and over again?

A. If you did not qualify for the survey, the system may automatically try to help you find another survey - these other surveys may also have similar screener questions (generally demographic questions - e.g. such as gender, age and income). Another indication that this automated process has started, is if you see you have moved websites a few times, or that the websites name is "samplicio.us".

Q. I don't qualify for some surveys?

A. Each survey has a different target profile. Examples:

  • The topic of research is a new economy bakkie, the researchers only wish to interview males who do not already own a bakkie, work in a trade and are younger than 60 years.
  • Research on old age homes is being conducted - researchers only wish to interview people over 60 years in a higher income bracket, who have certain medical conditions.
  • A new low-cost baby milk powder is the topic of research, the researcher is only looking for: Lower-income females with a baby in a certain age range.

Q. I can't get the CAPTCHA to work when registering?

A. You need to type it exactly as shown, with the same case and punctuation. Also note that there may be more than one word.

Q. I get
too many/too few email invitations, how do I change the frequency?

A: There are various possibilities:

  • Login, click on "personal details". Scroll to the last question and change the setting. Also ensure your personal details are entered. If you have not entered "year of birth" and "gender" at a bare minimum you are unlikely to be invited to most surveys.
  • Make sure you whitelist our email address in Outlook.
  • Make sure that invitations are not being sent to the spam folder.
  • Avoid using Boxbe, since our invite system is automated and Boxbe requires a manual response from our side to ensure the invitation gets through.
  • Demand for research varies and we have no control over this.
Q. I could not continue the survey...

A. There are a number of possible reasons:

  • You are using a smartphone. It is better to use a laptop/PC.
  • You did not qualify for the survey based on your anwers.
  • You are participating from your work computer and your firm may not allow you to access a new website that you were passed to during the survey.
  • The browser may have issues - it is best to use Internet Explorer as this is the most common browser.
  • You need to ensure you allow cookies.
  • You stopped the  survey half-way through and went back later - sometimes the survey may have closed in the interim, as only a certain number of completed interviews are required.
Q. How do I make more money?

A. 1.) Be responsive. If you can't fill in a survey, at least click on the option indicating you do not wish to participate (in the invitation). Our system scores each panelist. Panelists with a higher score, are more likely to be invited to a survey. Scores are based on two main factors. Firstly your history of participation - i.e. panelists who ignore surveys are less likely to be invited. Secondly respondents who are less consistent,  often seem to be not paying attention, or who rush through surveys are less likely to be invited.

2.) Make sure you fill in your personal profile. Researchers are looking for different types of people for different types of surveys - if you have not filled in your personal details, then the researcher may ignore you when drawing sample. You can either login to to do this, or you may fill in the profile questions at the end of each survey.

Q. How do I see my balance?

A. Please login, select YOUR PROFILE, then select REDEEM REWARDS to view your balance.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. You will be paid via Standard Bank Instant Money. Please log in and request withdrawal once you reach R100 to indicate that you want to be added to the next payment batch.  You can do this by clicking on 'redeem' on the rewards tab. Payments batches are processed at least twice a year. This means that it may take up to six months for processing post request. You withdraw cash from any Standard Bank machine upon receipt of a special code sent via SMS and an email containing a pin. This is why it is crucial that you log in and check that your cell number is correct.

NB: If you have received the email from SurveyCentric, please withdraw within 30 days since the account will expire after that and you will not be able to access your money.

Q. Do I have to pay bank fees?

A. No, we pay the bank fee.

Q. Is this a job?

A. NO, definitely not. There are many websites asking you for money to complete surveys, and they generally also create the false impression that you will earn thousands of Rands completing surveys. The fact is, that the last thing any legitimate-research company would want, is a 'professional' respondent who spent the whole day responding to surveys. They have been shown to respond differently to normal people. Therefore the incentives and survey frequency are kept low to avoid this.

We would much rather you only participate a few times a month, at most, to avoid 'wearout' and that you are also motivated by the fact that you get to influence the large companies that sell you products/services.

Q. How do I unsubscribe?

A. Login, and select unregister.

Q. What are the terms and conditions?

A. Please click here or on the terms and conditions link at the bottom of the page.