When a survey is available, you will be sent an email invitation. The specific cash reward you will accumulate and/or prize draw will be indicated in the email on each occasion. The rewards vary depending on the length of the survey.

Cash rewards

Cash rewards are accumulated for certain surveys, meaning you accumulate cash once you complete the survey (the amount is indicated on the invitation email each time you are invited). Once you reach R100, login to request that you are paid on the next payment batch by clicking 'redeem'. Payment batches are made at least twice a year. You can withdraw cash via any Standard Bank ATM (using Standard Bank Instant Money). It is important to keep your cell phone number and other contact details up to date in order to receive payments. You do not need a bank account with Standard Bank Instant Money, you will receive an email pin and an SMS with a code when the payment batch is processed. Payments must be withdrawn within 1 month of processing. IMPORTANT: Payment emails often end up in the spam folder.To prevent this, add to your address or contact list in your email software. For further tips please consult this article


Some surveys include prize draws. The survey-invitation email will indicate what the prizes are and how many prizes are offered at that particular time. Completing your profile updated is a requirement in order to qualify for an award.

Product samples

On occasion, you may be invited to test a new product, which may be sent to your home or tested at a central venue.